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Cooperation In Natural Calamity

1. 22 trucks aid was sent for the victims of the cyclone hit Orissa which includes pulses rice blankets, clothes, tarpaulins, medicines, and other essential items totaling a weight of 250 metric tons. 'SAHAYATA' not only performed its duty by sending the essential aid but also sent 10 members of the organization along with it, who remained in Orissa for a full 11 days and offered their voluntary services.

2. The heartbreaking earthquake of Gujarat had shocked the entire World. In those crucial circumstances 'SAHAYATA' played a vital role. A team consisting of 18 senior doctors stayed in Gujarat for a week and provided medical services to around 5000 people in the affected areas.

3. 'SAHAYATA' was the first non-government organization to reach Gujarat an offered its services to the earthquake-affected people. Medicines worth Rs.20 lakh, 'SAHAYATA' collected an amount of Rs. 25 lakh for the rehabilitation of earthquake affected people.

4. The collections amounting to Rs. 1 crore 25 lakh, which were collected by the newspapers of Indore - Dainik Bhaskar, Nai Dunia and Gujarati Samaj were handed over to 'SAHAYATA' for necessary suitable action. In this context , 'SAHAYATA' has established seven hospitals through Indore-Malwa-Gujarat Relief Committee through wich lakhs of people are availing medical facilities.

5. During 1999 when drastic famine occurred in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, 300 Metric tones of fodder was made available for the cattle.

Special Surgery Treatment Camps

1. For the past 11 years 'SAHAYATA' is organizing Plastic Surgery Camps. These camps are sponsored by renowned Plastic Surgeon of America, Padmashree Dr. Shared Kumar Dixit and Dr. Satish Vyas for the needy villagers. Plastic surgery has been carried out of around 3250 children belonging from the remote villages, who have cut lips, squint eyes, Scars, burn marks, etc.

2. 2-3 camps are organized every year for the treatment of blindness. under this transplantation of the intraocular lens is done free of cost.

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3. During 2000-01, the organization has taken the responsibility for making Indore a Cataract Free District with the cooperation of D.B.S. under which around 1700 sussessful operations have been carried out free of cost by organizing camps in various hospitals.

4. Every year 4-5 Blood Donations Camps are organized by the Organization.

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Senior Citizen-Day Care

Day-care recreational centers for senior citizens have been initiated at different places of the city in this scheme. Along with audiovisual, room library, internet, and indoor games, yoga training is also imparted in these centers. the motive behind these centers is to utilize their spare time creatively. Camps are also held on every Sunday for different diseases where senior doctors are available to provide consultations.